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Gem Registration: Your Gateway to Government Contracts

GeM may be a brief shape of one-stop Government e-Market Put facilitated by DGS&D where common client merchandise and services can be obtained carefully. GeM is a dynamic, self-sustaining and user-friendly entrance for making obtainment by Government officers. GeM is additionally known as Govt e Market or Gem Government e Commercial center.

Classic Tenders is one of the top e-marketplace consulting companies offering GeM registration services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We provide step-by-step assistance in the GeM registration process. We have an expert team of well-trained professionals that are known for their efficiency for GeM registration in India. We are accomplishing GeM registration online for thousands of customers across the country on a daily basis. Our GeM registration services are easy, safe and secure. Here all concerns for GeM registration are treated with perfection.

Our administrations are guaranteed as we guarantee to fulfill them in given time outline. Clients are fulfilled with our benefit as we offer it at ostensible cost. Open obtainment shapes a really vital portion of Government movement and change in Open Acquirement is one of the best needs of the present Government. Government e-Marketplace could be a exceptionally striking step of the Government to convert how acquirement of products and administrations is done by the Government Services and Offices, Open Division Endeavors and other independent bodies of the Central Government.

gem registration
gem register
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Explore your business world with Government e Marketplace (GeM)

GeM department registration refers to the process of registering a government department or organization on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) platform. GeM is an online marketplace established by the Government of India to facilitate procurement of goods and services by various government departments and organizations. The registration process involves providing necessary information, documents, and completing the verification process to ensure the authenticity of the department.

Gem Tenders Consultant

Classic Tenders stands as a premier Gem Registration Consultant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, offering unparalleled expertise in navigating the complexities of the Gem portal. Our seasoned team of professionals excels in providing meticulous guidance throughout the Gem registration process, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. As a trusted Gem Tender Consultant, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and dedication to delivering results. With Classic Tenders as your reliable Gem portal consultant, our commitment is to offer tailored guidance and support, empowering your organization to unlock the complete potential of the Gem platform.

Having Classic Tenders as your partner ensures navigating the Gem portal with confidence, enabling efficient achievement of your procurement goals. We prioritize excellence in addressing all Gem registration concerns, solidifying our position as the preferred option for businesses in need of trustworthy Gem portal consultancy services.With a track record of assisting countless clients nationwide, our Gem registration services are renowned for their simplicity, security, and effectiveness.

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  • Direct access to all government departments for selling your products.
  • User-friendly dashboard for important seller insights, and monitoring of supplies and payments.
  • One-stop shop for marketing with minimal efforts and maximum opportunity.
  • A completely electronic, paperless, and contact-free platform for hassle-free business.
  • No need for reminders - auto notifications for bid participation in your relevant category.
  • All sellers will be shown reasons for rejection; hence, improvements are easy and regular.
  • A new product suggestion facility is available to sellers for maximum output.
  • Costs can be changed as per market conditions, so the risk factor has been diluted.
  • Trademark Certificate – Registered (OEM/Application*)
  • The entire process works on three pillars : Faster Payments - Great Transparency, - Ease of Selling.

GeM Registration Service with Classic Tender

What we offer as GeM Registration Consultancy

Basic Registration

Brand Approval

Product Catalogue Creation on GeM Portal

OEM Vendor Assessment Process

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GeM Registration
Vendor Assessment (OEM Panel, Reseller Panel Creation)
Brand Approval
Catalogue Management (Product & Service Upload)
Catalog Rejection Error Support
Invoice Generation/Order Management
GeM Account Management
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GeM Advantages for Sellers

  • Direct Access To Public Services Units
  • Completely electronic, paperless, and contact-free platform
  • Sell Anywhere In India
  • Simple Get to To Take part In Bids/reverse Sell off
  • Auto Notifications For Bid Participation In Your Category
  • All Sellers Will Be Shown Reasons For Rejection
  • Consistent Purchase Procedures
  • Dealer Inviting Dashboard For Checking Supplies & Installments
  • Quicker Installments Incredible Straightforwardness & Ease Of Offering
  • Energetic Estimating- Cost Can Be Changed Based On Market Conditions

Document Required for Vendor Registration on GeM

  • Income Tax Return
  • Adhaar Card of Authorize person
  • Mobile Number Link with Adhaar Card
  • PAN Card (Individual & Company)
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Udhyam Adhaar Memorandum – MSME
  • Cancel Cheque
  • For OEM Panel Registration – NSIC / Unique Certification Code (UCC) issued by DRDO / OFB / SITRA
  • Trademark Certificate – Registered (OEM/Application*)
  • For Reseller Panel – Authorization Certificate or OEM Authorization code
gem registration
gem portal service
Government e Marketplace Registration

Benefits and Features of Tender Information Services

GeM Department Registration: Empowering Tender Excellence

Access to a wide range of vendors and products for streamlined procurement.
Competitive pricing and cost savings through increased market competition.
Digitized procurement system promoting transparency and efficiency.
Reduction in paperwork and administrative burden.
Centralized platform for government purchases, simplifying the procurement process.

Centralized platform for government purchases, simplifying the procurement process.

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